Salt Lake put Whitecaps in real trouble

The good news is that the Vancouver Whitecaps rediscovered some of their defensive solidity following the 4-0 defeat to DC United last week. The bad news is that defensive solidity counts for nothing when a team has very little attacking threat and so a 1-0 defeat to Real Salt Lake ensued on Saturday evening thanks to a Martinez goal in the fifty-fifth minute.

The Whitecaps were probably the better team in the first half but still failed to find the back of the net and the fact that they still haven’t scored from open play this season is starting to look less like a statistical quirk and more like an accurate reflection of what this team is capable of. There were half chances for Mezquida and Rivero but none of them ever looked like being taken and once Salt Lake had the lead it was hard to imagine the Whitecaps levelling the game up.

What’s worse though is that it didn’t seem as though the players themselves could imagine levelling the game up and the final thirty minutes were played with the languor of a pre-season game rather than the intensity of a contest which actually mattered.

And Carl Robinson’s substitutions did little to change anything with Bolaños and Kudo barely being visible and Erik Hurtado supplying his usual cocktail of high work rate and low skill set and it’s a worrying trend that Hurtado was thought not to be good enough for this team last season and has now become one of it’s most effective subs solely because he’s actually willing to put in that effort.

So where do they go from here?

Well to two home games against two good team in FC Dallas and Sporting Kansas City if we’re being literal but on a more abstract level everybody within the team needs to move away from the “it will click eventually” mentality that seems to permeate through the locker room to a more harsh examination of their performances so far.

Last season we knew exactly what this team was; it was a counter attacking team that was happy to essentially live by the coin flip of “first goal wins” and it worked incredibly well until other teams figured them out meaning that changes did have to be made.

Those changes have been made but so far it’s really hard to say what this team actually is because they neither seem comfortable in possession nor capable of hurting teams on the break. In short they need to find their identity before the season slips away from them and before we see any more performances in which they sleep walk to defeat with barely a shot fired in anger.

Those two upcoming home games are suddenly far more crucial than they should be at this stage of the season.

Time then for the Soccer Shorts player ratings.

Ousted-6, Aird-5, Harvey-6, Waston-5, Parker-6*, Laba-6, Jacobson-4, Techera-4, Manneh-5, Mezquida-6, River0-6 (Bolaños- 4, Kudo-4, Hurtado-5).

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