Introducing The Soccer Shorts Owner’s Triangle!

This is a blog that dreams big.

And from today you have the exclusive opportunity to be a part of those dreams because I am delighted to announce the launch of the Soccer Shorts “Owners Triangle”.

Over the years this blog has been proud to contribute to the footballing landscape in Vancouver and is now ready to take the next step in its evolution with you (Yes! You!) as an integral part of both its mission and vision.

Owner’s Triangle members will be so much more than the usual idiots who read this blog because they will literally have a seat at the table, as well as exclusive access to the free wi-fi, at whichever coffee shop I happen to be sitting in.

And don’t forget the hospitality!

Owner’s Triangle members will be able to purchase any of the baked goods, pastries, sandwiches and even juices available at whichever coffee shop I happen to be sitting in.

But there’s even more than that!

Once you are an Owner’s Triangle member I will be happy to listen to your input while I am writing and will even let you asign a rating to a player of your choice in the now famous “Soccer Shorts Player Ratings” section of the blog.

Don’t like Kendall Waston? Give him a ‘3’ purely out of spite! It’s your choice because you are a member of the Owner’s Triangle.

You will also be able to mingle with all of the other people writing blogs in whichever coffee shop I happen to be sitting in. In fact, I will actively encourage you to mingle with other people.

That’s how much your happiness will mean to me.

But the benefits of the Owner’s Triangle don’t stop there! You will be granted exclusive access to the following behind the scenes activities.

Watch me as I frantically google for a quirky song to add some interest to yet another post about defensive midfielders!

Feel the excitement as I desperately try to understand the opening two sentences of the Wikipedia entry of a mainstream philosopher or writer!

Laugh with me as I hit random keys in a forlorn attempt to get that squiggly line on top of the N in Bolaúos, Bolan¿os, Bolaéos, Bolaños!

All this and more can be yours because, as part of the Soccer Shorts Owner’s Triangle, you will be more than just a reader.

You will share my vision, my sense of community and my bills at whichever coffee shop I happen to be sitting in.

So join today and become empowered.


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