Vancouver Whitecaps: No alarms and no surprises

Fans of the Vancouver Whitecaps probably feel more like joining a support group than supporter’s group right now.

There feels such a disconnect between the way the club and the team is perceived from the outside and the inside of the tent.

But Friday’s 6-0 shellacking at the hands of Sporting Kansas City feels like a turning point. The moment when even those who were granting the coach and the Front Office leeway decided enough is enough.

That the excuses and the hand wringing about how tough things are for them and how fans should really just be grateful for every morsel of comfort tossed their way need to stop.

That the tired clichés about “bouncing back” and “being stronger” no longer wash.

So what happens now?

Well, the smart money is on nobody at the club doing anything. Sitting on their hands in the hope the upcoming run of four home games from the next six will see the team eke out enough points to keep the wolves of discontent at bay and allow the Whitecaps to float there or thereabouts when it comes to playoff contention.

It’s not an inspiring vision but it will mean the players won’t really be challenged by the coach and the coach won’t really be challenged by the Front Office and the Front office won’t really be challenged by the ownership group.

And while no alarms and no surprises might make for a pleasant working environment for all concerned it’s a long drawn out death sentence when it comes to success on the field.

But what if they don’t eke out those points?

Real Salt Lake bunkered when they were at home against Vancouver so expect the same and more next Friday and then expect the same again from Houston, San Jose and New England.

It’s a weird infinite loop of tedium Carl Robinson has created in which his particularly unadventurous style of play is best combatted by an even more unadventurous style of play.

Would four more games at BC Place similar to the two LA contests drive somebody into action?

Maybe so, maybe not.

But the Whitecaps need to ensure something changes before all the current anger turns into permanent disinterest.

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