Rooneymania wins the day

Now with updated “angry mutterings” from the day after.

Even on the next day it’s kind of hard to believe that the coach of a team fighting for a playoff spot and losing 1-0 thinks it’s okay to shake the hand of an opposition substitute.

But what else can we take away from that game?

The 4-4-2 system is no longer fit for purpose on the road. In the last two games away from BC Place the Whitecaps have conceded seven goals (against not particularly good teams) and while the openness it brings to their game is at least creating chances at home it’s killing the season when used anywhere else.

It’s also starting to feel as though the primary purpose of this season (Correction: the only purpose of this season) is for the club to hype up Alphonso Davies to a level that means they can sell him for the highest possible amount.

Nothing wrong that intention at all and yesterday he provided one more Giffable moment to add to the rest of the collection.

But from a supporter’s point of view what a waste of his young talent this season has been.

A team containing the talent of Davies and Reyna with the MLS experience of Kamara and Felipe around them could and should have been crafted into an exciting and coherent whole rather than the nebulous and ever-changing lineups we’ve been subjected to.

Heaven help us once the young phenom is gone.

So, after relying on having played more games to make the standings look respectable, the Whitecaps have sunk to their more or less correct level of eighth and it’s hard to see that improving in any meaningful manner given the schedule

But at least the coach should be able to snap up the autographs of some pretty good opposition players on the way.

Now back to your previous programming.

For most of the Vancouver Whitecaps 3-1 loss to DC United it felt like what it was.

A not very good Western Conference team visiting a not very good Eastern Conference team on the day they opened their new stadium.

Advantage Eastern Conference team for sure.

Then, at 1-0 in the second half, DC United brought on their new DP signing Wayne Rooney.

And what does Carl Robinson do?

He rushes to shake the hand of his opponent like a star struck fourteen year old grabbing at the hem of the clothes of the pop idol of the moment.

Our coach is so desperate to be accepted by somebody famous that he clearly doesn’t care about the result of the game anymore, he just wants to feel the glitter of the opposition.

It’s bad enough watching Robinson trying to ingratiate himself with opponents taking throw ins at BC Place (at least he can hide under the cover of “mind games” when that happens) but to see him fawn over the other team when the result is still in the balance is just flat-out embarrassing.

What’s the point in discussing tactics or formations when this is who is leading the Whitecaps?

Time for the Soccer Shorts player ratings.

Rowe-5, Franklin-5, de Jong-5, Henry-5, Aja-5, Felipe-5, Juarez-5, Reyna-5, Mutch-5, Davies 5.5,  Kamara-5

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