Vancouver Whitecaps are a marvel against DC

On Friday the Vancouver Whitecaps sent shock waves through the sporting world by SENSATIONALLY announcing they were DEFINITELY THINKING about putting together a job description in an effort to ALMOST CERTAINLY recruit a new Sporting Director.

This radical change would be stasis by addition however, because EVERYBODY ELSE involved in the running of the club would stay exactly where they were.

With the sole exception of Bobby Lenarduzzi who would move from the somewhat vague role of Club President to the somewhat vague role of Club Liaison.

It’s a little known fact that “Liaison” is a word that, by law, can only be used in conjunction with the phrase “Internal and external stakeholders”.

With all this off the field excitement it’s no wonder a larger than expected crowd turned up at BC Place to watch the Whitecaps take on DC United

And, fortunately, they were treated to both a Whitecaps win and a thoroughly entertaining game.

Marc Dos Santos kept his team unchanged from the defeat in Portland and, once they had overcome their initial consternation at being on the same pitch as Wayne Rooney, and also realized that keeping the ball on the floor was much a better idea than hitting high balls to DC’s towering defenders they began to create chances.

With Yordy Reyna once again being the standout player.

One of the glimmers of hope for next season is that Dos Santos has both identified the best position for Reyna and coaxed consistent performances from him.

Having a coach who can improve players is crucial to way the Whitecaps see their path to success.

The same goes for Hwang In-Beom too.

It took the coach time to discover his best role but now the South Korean is putting in consistently impressive performances from his deeper lying role.

The biggest concern going into this game was that the presence of Russell Teibert and Felipe in opposition would somehow cause the Universe to collapse in on itself and we would all be left trapped in an infinitesimal ball of anti-matter with the concepts of Time and Space no longer applying.

Luckily that didn’t happen, with both players having perfectly decent games and Teibert even turning with the ball toward the opposition area and playing the pass to Reyna to create the winning goal.

It’s felt like a long time since the Whitecaps produced an enjoyable game for the home crowd to savour (because it is a long time) but if they can play with the same fervour and willingness to take chances for the rest of the year then the whole season won’t be a complete washout.

Time for the Soccer Shorts player ratings.

Crepeau-6, Nerwinski-6, Adnan-5.5, Godoy-6, Cornelius-6, Teibert-6, In-Beom-6.5, Rose-5.5, Montero-5, Bair-5, Reyna-7*  (Henry-6)








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