Vancouver Whitecaps: Beware of the flowers…

There’s a theory that plants developed caffeine as a way of improving the memory of bees and thus making them better pollinators.

Obviously that particular framing of the theory implies a degree of sentience that plants don’t possess, but using drugs to control the actions of others feels like an almost sinister mode of behaviour from our fellow travellers on this hurtle through space.

I say this though not to cast aspersions or provoke counter insurgency from our Apoidean brethren, but merely to distract us all from the Whitecaps game in LA.

A game in which no Vancouver player performed well and in which the team as a whole were a mess from the very first whistle.

There are moments in life when it is best not to dwell on the suffering of others and move on. Silently thanking the deity of our choice that we were not in their place.

Time then for the Soccer Shorts player ratings!

Meredith-3, Nerwinski-2, Guttierez-1, Veselinovic-2, Cornelius-3*, Bikel-3, Baldisimo-2, Milinkovic-2, Dajome-2, Bair-2, Cavallini-2


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