Vancouver Whitecaps: Which way now?

The Vancouver Whitecaps 2-1 win over LAFC on Wednesday evening offered a glimpse into two different reams.

Three if you also include LAFC.

But we saw two Whitecaps teams. One was a Vancouver that offered a glimpse of what they could be but aren’t and one was a Vancouver that demonstrated what they shouldn’t be but are.

One was a Whitecaps team that was organized, pressed effectively with Owusu and Bikel controlling the midfield and Godoy and Veselinivoc offering a solid central defensive partnership while, up front, Dajome and Montero combined to create chances for striker Lucas Cavallini.

The other Whitecaps team was one that conceded a late goal through a penalty and then lost their heads and the ability to control the game, sat back hoping that everything would be okay, but somehow managed to hang on for three points.

The first of those teams we like. They are enjoyable to watch, easy to root for and will get results in MLS.

The second of those teams we don’t like because they have caused us much misery over the years and we have learned to distrust them and the results they bring.

In the end the good triumphed over the evil (a rarity in 2020) and suddenly the playoffs look to be a pleasant possibility rather than a laughable prospect.

But the Whitecaps that could be still need to engage in the eternal struggle with the Whitecaps that are.

And that struggle will never end (that’s what “eternal” means).

Time for the Soccer Shorts Player ratings.

Bush-6, Nerwinski-5.5, Adnan-6, Godoy-6*, Veselinovic, 6, Teibert-5.5, Dajome-6, Owusu-5.5, Bikel-6, Cavallini-6, Montero-5.5

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