Vancouver Whitecaps: Riddle me this

Now with additional meanderings.

The Whitecaps spent the first half of the game against the LA Galaxy on Wednesday evening not bothering trying to score. They had no shots either on or off target.

At the start of the second half the Galaxy took the lead and suddenly the Whitecaps decided that they should bother trying to score and built up a momentum which was justifiably rewarded with a Bikel goal in the closing minutes.

The fact Vancouver played with such attacking intent once they had conceded makes this game even more annoying. They can do it. They just don’t. One assumes they must be told to play that way. You don’t go a third of a way through a season failing to score a goal in the first half without that being a feature rather than a bug.

Then, because they are not a team that knows how to control a game, even for a few short seconds, they conceded another goal at the death and slumped to their fifth successive defeat.

As Eighty Six Forever pointed out, that LA winner wasn’t just down to bad luck for the Whitecaps. They had switched off. Nobody was stopping the free kick from being taken quickly and players were strolling to get back into position. For sure it was a once in a blue moon, lottery winner of a goal, but Vancouver bought the ticket for Alvarez.

It must be frustrating for the players to know they are really only playing for forty-five minutes per match. It must be right? To look back on every performance and wonder what might have been had they started playing from the first whistle.

Do we need to talk about Lucas Cavallini yet? He may not be getting the service he needs, but for a DP his first touch is poor, his pace in non-existent and his overall contribution is minimal. And I’m not convinced that the plan of playing a lesser version of himself alongside him is the best idea, but maybe a number ten will solve Cavallini’s woes? Buying a player to help make your most expensive player functional isn’t the greatest scenario but there we are.

They must know that character isn’t about stepping up your game when you go behind. It’s about being on your game from the get go.

But it took an LA goal to break them out of their initial torpor. Break the players free from the yoke of whatever tactical harness they were being held up by.

And it almost worked.

But who knows really?

They just keep finding new ways to disappoint us and new ways to demonstrate how far away they are from being a team that can compete.

Time for the Soccer Shorts player ratings!

Crepeau-5, Brown-5, Gutierrez-4.5, Rose-3, Godoy5.5*, Bikel-5, Baldisimo-4.5, Dajome-5.5, Teibert-4.5, Cavallini-3, White-3.5

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