Vancouver Whitecaps: Serenity Now!

The Ben Stiller directed TV series Severance is based on the premise that employees of Lumon Industries can opt to “sever” their work and personal selves.

When at work they are unaware of who they are in the outside world and, when at home, they are unaware of the work they perform.

It’s an intriguing premise and it sometimes feels as though if BC Place offered a similar service it would be most welcome.

Upon leaving the stadium all memories of what had just occurred were erased leaving us all to continue our lives in blissful ignorance of what had gone before.

Admittedly the subsequent return to BC Place and the mind being flooded with memories of the Whitecaps midfield would be the emotional equivalent of an ice bath on a cold January morning but everything is a trade off.

And the 0-0 tie with NYCFC was exactly the kind of game a person could do without using up valuable space in their neocortex.

It was all a much of a muchness with the visitors being the better team until they also seemed to lose the will to live as the second half progressed.

On the positive side the Whitecaps were at least more defensively solid than their last outing. Although a cynic may suggest that this wasn’t a difficult feat to achieve.

And these are still early days in the new season as the team search for some kind of rhythm. Although the same cynic may offer the view that, since there was only one player in the starting eleven who wasn’t with the squad last year, finding that rhythm shouldn’t be quite the challenge the Whitecaps seem to have made it.

Cavallini had one of his better games! The cynic wearily sighs about low bars and the striker having to be taken off because the coach feared he would pick up a second yellow card was indicative of a player who seems bafflingly unaware of how the disciplinary system in soccer works.

Hasal kept a confidence boosting clean sheet! Our cynic shrugs and accepts the pyrrhic defeat.

Onward then to series of tough road games before a tough home game against Kansas.

Major League Soccer is a forgiving league when it comes to slow starts, but that doesn’t mean that slow starts are a good thing.

Sartini needs to figure out how to get his team to play with the energy and confidence of the latter half of last season before it all becomes yet another uphill battle to scrape into the bottom end of the good part of the standings.

Time for the Soccer Shorts player ratings!

Hasal-6*, Dajome-3, Gutierrez-3, Blackmon-5, Veselinovic-5, Jungwirth-5, Teibert-3, Owusu-3, Gauld-4, Caicedo-3, Cavallini-4.5

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