Not a perfect day for the Vancouver Whitecaps

From yesterday but now with additional angst.

First let’s say that the decision to call back the Whitecaps last minute equalizer against Montreal was questionable to say the least.

If you’re making offside decisions based on camera angles than those decisions need to be “clear and obvious”. It’s possible the officials saw more than those watching from home did, but either way it was a bitter blow.

Second let’s say that the Whitecaps continue to reap what they sow.

If you’re constantly having to bring on more offensive minded players to chase the game because you are 2-0 down then maybe there is something wrong with the way you are starting the game?

And, while acknowledging the risk of sounding like @AngryCapsfan82037 on Twitter, no team with Russell Teibert as the midfield fulcrum will be able to pressure the opposition the way that Sartini says he wants the Whitecaps to do. A player whose first (second and third) instinct is to look for a pass that moves the ball backwards constantly kills any forward momentum. Why the coach doesn’t see this can be added to the “The Strange and Terrifying Mysteries of the Vancouver Whitecaps” horror compendium.

That wrong thing isn’t just a midfield two with no genuine attacking intent but it ertainly doesn’t help as the forwards were left isolated and alone until the arrival of Vite, Baldisimo et al.

Vite made forward runs with the ball and when Baldisimo received the ball deep he turned around and looked for the forward pass. It’s not hard to see why this made the Whitecaps more likely to score than they were before.

How many times will Sartini watch his team continue to fall behind in games before he cottons on that there’s something systemically wrong? That playing midfielders who can attack is also beneficial to the defence?

Not that the defence are blameless either. Or anybody in the team really.

The inability to concentrate for the full ninety minutes would shame a toddler at a screening of Battleship Potemkin and both halves began with the Vancouver players seemingly still pondering how they would improve the locker room décor rather than focus on stopping the Montreal players who were busy kicking the ball into the net.

Say it with me.

“Only playing well when you are 2-0 down isn’t a sign of character, it’s a sign of lack of character”.

In the post-game presser yesterday Sartini seemed visibly frustrated/angry with how his players approached the game. Perhaps this will be a turning point? Because he must realize by now that these players will continue to let him down and that weakness will ultimately cost him his job. Something has to change in the way he approaches getting the best out of this team.

Time for the Soccer Shorts player ratings.

Hasal-4, Brown-2, Dajome-2, Veselinovic-3, Blackmon-3, Nerwinski-4, Teibert-3, Berhalter-5, Gauld-3, Caicedo-2, White-4 (Cavallini-4, Vite-5*)

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