Vancouver Whitecaps Season Review: The Forwards

Well, I’m back.

After dissecting the defence and monitoring the midfield it’s time to focus on the forwards.

How did those responsible for the Whitecaps attacking “threat” fare in 2022?

Deiber Caicedo- A season cut short by injury makes is hard to judge Caicedo since he left the season before the team got good. But, if Sartini continues with the same system of two men behind the lone forward, he should be (at the very least) prove to be a good option from the bench. Season Rating-3. Stay or Go? Stay.

Cristian Dajome- This was Dajome’s worst season as a Whitecap by a country mile. He certainly wasn’t helped by being played in a variety of positions but there were times where his confidence appeared to be completely shot. Best suited as a wide forward it’s hard to see how he will ever get regular games while Sartini remains. Season Rating-1. Stay or Go? Go.

Brian White- White was nothing like the goal threat he was last season and there was many a time when his touch brought an attacking break to a preemptive end. But his positional sense and work rate made up for a lot of his deficiencies and the Whitecaps looked the most dangerous when he played with Gauld and Vite behind him. A better version of Brian White would be ideal for next season. Season Rating-4.5. Stay or Go? Stay.

Lucas Cavallini- This was Cavallini’s best season as a Whitecap by some distance yet it was still pockmarked with controversy and petulance. His red card against Nashville should probably have been the end of his time here but he returned to score a goal and indulge in more petulance. A individual with no interest in the whole. Season Rating-4.5 Stay or Go? Go.

Ryan Gauld- It’s possible (probable even) that if Gauld had been fit for the whole season the Whitecaps would have made the playoffs. he makes the right runs, plays the right passes and must be a joy to play with. Season Rating-7.5. Stay or Go? Stay.

Tossaint Ricketts– Extending Rickett’s contract for 2023 felt like a case of hope over reality. But the Canadian forward proved to be the most effective attacking option from the bench. A much needed feel good story. Stay or Go? Go (But stay at the club in some capacity).

And so it ends.

Will the lessons of 2022 be learned in 2023? How am I supposed to know the answer to that???!!!

But there is hope. There is always hope.

After all, tomorrow is another day.

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