Whitecaps decide to leave the Champions League

Not much to say about this second leg rout really.


  1. Let’s hope this game sated Vanni Sartini’s thirst for playing players who aren’t central defenders in central defence.
  2. Let’s also hope that the team can shrug off this second game as well as they did the first.
  3. Nobody who wasn’t already in the thinking for the actual starting eleven did anything to convince the coach otherwise.

Time for the Soccer Shorts player ratings!

Hasal-3*, Raposo-3, Ahmed-3, Veselinovic-3, Brown-3, Teibert 3, Berhalter-3, Gauld-3, Caicedo-3, Dajome-3, White-3 (Blackmon-3, Vite-3, Ngando-3, Gressel-3, Laborda-3

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